Dubai Post 47: The Last Resort

A view of the jungle from The Last Resort.
You can see the bridge in the distance. 
Walking up onto the bridge to get to the resort.
The bridge patrons have to cross to get to the resort. 

As many of you know, I was debating on going bungee jumping while in Nepal.  Regardless of whether I was going to jump or not, we were still going to travel to the resort where people take the plunge in the Himalayas.  The resort is known as “The Last Resort” which is truly fitting giving the surroundings.

A view of the gorge from the bridge. 
A view of the other side from the bridge. 
A view as we were hiking, you can see the bridge to the right. 
Tucked away on the Tibet and Nepal border, The Last Resort provides patrons with an incredible experience no matter what activities they choose to partake in.  Other than the screams, the resort is tranquil and awe inspiring.  There are tremendous views of the mountain ranges, the jungles and even local inhabitants.
The entrance to the resort. 
The four of us on the bridge. 
The resort staff is very friendly and eases your nerves if you choose to participate in a daring activity.  On our canyoning trip, two of the guides, around my age, stuck with the four of us the whole time and were very eager to talk.  They too had a fear of the bungee jump but convinced us it was extremely safe and an experience we would never forget.

A view of where the inhabitants live. 

Standing on the edge by one of the local villages in the mountains. 
As far as activities go, they have it all.  If you are in for a thrill you know you can find that here but it would also be a great place to go and get away from it all.  Hiking, a spa, a pool and a bar can also be found at The Last Resort.  Of course you can get your heart bumping doing high ropes, bungee, canyon swing, rafting and canyoning. 

View of one of the waterfalls on the canyoning trip. 

The jungle in the background from the center of the resort. 
It is in the jungle so do not expect Four Season quality rooms.  I had a chance to take a peek at the tents customers stayed in.  They are extremely durable tents which would provide most people with a perfect stay in the jungle.  However, if you are afraid of a bug or two, you might just want to come for the day. 

The bar at the resort. 
The tents in the resort. 
A pool by one of the tents. 
My experience at The Last Resort was truly incredible and will be a day I will never forget. 

Leaving satisfied and alive. 

Picking up our videos the next day, looks like it should be a model shoot.
The video to the resort is below. 


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