Dubai Post 43:Wow, Nepal

Taking in the Hindu culture in Bhaktapur Square.
Starting to drive into the Himalayans. 
One of the many Hindu Temples we saw. 

The past 3 days consisted of some of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.   Nepal is an incredible country with a vastly different culture that provided me with memories I will never forget.  As far as countries go, Nepal has been the biggest eye opener for me so far.

View from the balcony of the hotel in Kathmandu.
Walking the streets of Kathmandu early in the morning. 
The cheap way to get around in the city, rickshaws. 
To start, the country is extremely poor.  The way of life and quality of living was something I've never seen before.  I have never been to a country where majority of the population is living way below the poverty line.  Yet the Hindi culture they partake in on a daily basis was extremely interesting and a truly enjoyable experience to see firsthand.

Houses built into the side of the mountain. 

Typical roadside store.  Man on the right running
was coming to our car to sell us beer. 
Andy and I with the Sadhu. 
Andy and I in front of Pashupatinath Temple. 
The most astonishing aspect of it all was they are surrounded by pure beauty. The landscape in Nepal is simply breathtaking.  You get caught up in the beauty of the country which almost makes you forget how poor the population is.  I myself got caught up in the beauty and found myself more willing to take the plunge in the Himalayan landscape.

Driving on ledges through the Himalayan mountainside. 
On the border of Tibet and Nepal. 

The gorge that jumpers from the Last Resort jump into. 
Overlooking the city of Kathmandu. 
Throughout the next week or two, I will post about our experiences that I had over the weekend.  Although we were there for only 48 hours, it felt much longer than that as we were able to take advantage of so much.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and the stories and have a chance one day to visit Nepal. 

Did I jump or back out?


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