Dubai Post 62: Food, Food and more Food (Post 1)

Samantha and I both love to travel and one thing we love just as much as traveling is eating.  Therefore, whenever we travel, we tend to go crazy.  With Samantha in Dubai it was no exception.  As I stated in the last few posts, we tried some of the local cuisine during the first weekend.  However during the week, we had Indian, Lebanese, Arabic, Thai and more seafood. 

To end our first weekend, Samantha and I took a trip to the seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab.  In the hotel, we visited the Sky View Bar which is located at the very top of the hotel overlooking downtown Dubai.   I thought it was important she experience the allure of the Burj Al Arab so we headed here for some fine drinks after our dinner.  Of course we indulged in the appetizers they gave us and also ordered a molecular edible drink.

Getting all dolled up to fit in with the crowd
at the Burj Al Arab. 
Samantha trying her molecular drink. 
The view from our seats in the Sky View Bar. I will say that the buildings
might be cooler in Dubai but the skyline does not compare to that of
of Chi-Town. 
The ambience was great in the Sky View Bar with the colorful lights
and jazz player playing softly in the background. 
Our big dinner of the week was at the Atmosphere Lounge in the Burj Khalifa.  I had gotten drinks with my Dad at the top of the Khalifa but waited for Samantha to try out the restaurant.  For anyone who has dined at the top of the John Hancock in Chicago, it a very similar experience: great food, great views and a great big bill. However, the Khalifa was a much more lavish experience than ours at the John Hancock building.  We were ushered to the private entrance of the building and had a red carpet entrance.  The staff was also incredible, giving us a memorable night at top the tallest building in the world. 

The entrance to the Atmosphere Lounge. 
The view from our seat at dinner.  We were unable to see the sunset
because of the side of the building we were on.  However, Dubai's hazy sky prevents
any spectacular sunset anyway.  
One of our appetizers:  one shrimp.  At least it looked nice. 

Arguably the best part of the meal were our side dishes.  Baked mac n' cheese
and sauteed wild mushrooms. 

Samantha's main course was sea bass. 
A good old fashion slab of steak for me. 
A meal for Samantha and I is never complete without some form of dessert. 
The famous Dubai Fountain show started right after we finished dinner.
It is the same format as the fountain show in front of the
Bellagio at Vegas, except much bigger. 


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