Dubai Post 59: Getting to Be a Tourist Again (Part 2)

Luckily, a holiday was announced for this past Sunday so Samantha and I had a full 48 hours of touring since I had work off.  Here is what we packed in: (Pictures will tell a lot of the story in the next two posts)

To start, we woke up early Saturday morning.  Ozair was kind enough to give us free beach passes to the Jumeriah Beach Hotel.  From a previous post, you will remember that it can cost quite a lot to get into one of these beach clubs.  The club we attended is one of the more expensive ones so it saved us a few hundred dollars.

Getting her used to the luxury in Dubai. 
We were only able to spend a few hours here since it was so hot.
If you are not in the water than you will melt!!
The Jumeriah Beach Club provided up close
and personal views of the Burj Al Arab. 
We Could not stop clicking photos of it. 
We were also able to walk around and check out the yachts in
the Jumeriah Yacht Club. 
After the beach, we prepared for our real adventure on the desert safari. This time it was slightly different than my last.   We had an actual Land Rover with roll cages so the bumps were a little more extreme.  I felt the driver was conservative but Samantha was happy about that.  We also had the chance to ride two camels yet there was no belly dancing show during dinner.  This was because it was a “dry night” (no alcohol/music) due to the holiday.  It was a tradeoff worth taking since we were able to spend an extra full day together.  Although there was no dancing, we did get to enjoy some traditional food and a gorgeous sunset in the desert.

I have heard that the backseat is the seat you do not want on the desert
safari.  Look at the seats we got....
The desert seemed like a fake backdrop at times. 
I can now imagine what it must be like to sit next to a women in
labor after sitting next to Samantha diggings her nails
into my thigh on the desert safari. 
You did not want to be stranded in the desert with that sun. 
Our second camel ride of the day. 
It was a stunning and clear sunset that night.  
This may or may not have been my only plate of food that night.


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