Dubai Post 42: Closing Deals

My overall goal in Dubai is to help bring in new business for FactSet and yesterday someone told us they are going to sign on with us.  It felt good to see immediate results and know that the work you are doing is paying off.   I also got placed on a trial that closed right when I got here so since I have been here, my team has closed two.  However, this was the first one I have worked with the users prior to a close.

I am currently working with seven different clients including the two I mentioned.  There is also a potential for the rest of our trials to close over the next six weeks.   We hope to possibly have one closed by tomorrow, another closed by next week and our biggest deal closed at the end of the month.  It is not a matter of whether people like FactSet or the support, it is all about the budget.

For instance I am working with a portfolio manager who really likes FactSet but has to present to the board as to why it would add value since it costs more than a competitor. There is another client where I work with, the Chief Risk Officer, who has told us he would like to use FactSet going forward.  Even though he is technically an executive, it still does not mean it is a done deal for us. 

Regardless, it has been a great learning experience thus far and FactSet is at least getting a footprint in a large emerging market. 

I am headed to Nepal this weekend so stay tuned for some interesting stories.  It would be great to be home with my family during these next few days due to the recent passing of my Nana.  However, I am going to continue traveling and experience life as this is what she would want me to do.  

R.I.P Nana, we will always remember you and love you.  


  1. Sorry to hear that bud. Take care and keep cranking.


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