Dubai Post 68: Dinner With My Dad

It is nice to have a father who travels.  In my first two months while being in Dubai I was lucky enough to see my father twice.  This time around we could only grab dinner but we still had an enjoyable time.  His trip was a little different than last time too because he was here for about 70 hours.  He flew into Dubai on Tuesday and back on a flight early Friday morning for the US. 

With a setting like this, we did not want the heat to deter us
from sitting outside. 
We went to an al-fresco Arabic restaurant the night before he left.  The restaurant was on the beach in Dubai Marina with the lights of the high rises glowing in the background.  The entire menu was traditional Arabic food and I was rather impressed with myself.  This is because I was familiar with some staple Arabic dishes along with some of the tastier plates to order. 
My Dad and I at dinner. 
I have learned that these types of places tend to serve an abundance of food.  So I was also smart enough to order only one entrée for the two of us.  It was a good choice because by the time we received our main course my Dad was amazed at how much food had already been served.  Our meal included grilled halloumi cheese, a fattoush salad and of course a plate filled with different types of grilled meat.

We had a number of starters to begin with including lamb sausage. 
The plate of grilled meat. 
Afterwards my Dad and I grabbed a beer and then I sent him off with an extra suitcase of mine.  With all of my travels, I have gone a little overboard buying gifts.  I knew I would not have enough room but hopefully I will now…depending how the next two weeks go.  All in all it was great to see my Dad again.   
The Lebanese fast food joint.  I have gotten it a few times since I
ate there with Samantha.  No relation to this post but I said I would
post a pic of it. 


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