Dubai Post 50: So Soccer is a Really Big Deal Over Here

The crowd that gathered inside Barasti's tent. 

I wanted to take a break from the Nepal posts to briefly talk about my night out on Monday.  A few of my friends and co-workers were going to go grab some drinks for the Euro game.  I am sure there are some of my readers who do not even know what the Euro Cup is so let me explain.  It is a major soccer tournament where all the teams of Europe compete to be dubbed as Europe’s best.

On Monday night, Europe was playing France so you can imagine the hype for the game.  The British and French make up two of the biggest western expat populations so the bars were going to be extra crowded. Everyone I knew was heading to Barasti, the local beach bar I tend to go to. 

A group of French fans after their team scored. 
Due to the heat, Barasti built a tent to allow patrons to enjoy the air-conditioning while throwing a few back. The tent was more of an indoor soccer stadium mixed with a club.  It included a massive screen to display the games night after night

The atmosphere inside the tent was one of the greatest bar environments I have ever seen.  Keep in mind this was a first round game on a Monday night.  I could only imagine what it would be like for an elimination game on the weekend.  It almost rivaled Badger bars at night football games.

Throughout the next month, the Euro will take over Dubai as there is almost a game every night.  Barasti is also not the only bar to have set up a tent.  Many bars have done something to try and attract the hundreds of thousands of fans who will be watching the Euro.  I can already see my wallet getting lighter and the bags under my eyes getting a little darker.  

The massive screen at the front of the tent. 


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