Dubai Post 40: Wild Wadi

The entrance at Wild Wadi. 

Overlooking wave pool and Jumeriah Beach Hotel. 
As the temperature rises, most people try to stay indoors to avoid the heat.  Normally, when it is 95 degrees and sunny, I would consider staying indoors a waste of a beautiful day.  However, I have recently learned that it can be quite painful to be outside for more than two hours when you are not around water.  For this reason, I decided to try out one of Dubai’s two waterparks this past weekend with Ozair and Youssef.  

There were a few decent slides at the water park. 
Wild Wadi has been around for years and it was the local hot spot the kids went to before the buildup of Dubai.  The second park is Aquaventure which is more modern and located at the Atlantis Resort.  Youssef was able to get Ozair and I an 80% discount so it was a no brainer to check out the park for a mere $12.

It was a good thing we got the discount because Wild Wadi was slightly underwhelming.  In my eyes, the slides were meant for ten year olds compared to what I have experienced back in the States.  Luckily, we got there early and were able to get on every ride before lines developed.  Waiting more than 20 minutes for any of these rides would be a disappointment since they provide no gasp-worthy drops.

Trekking up the steps to a few slides
provided great views of the Burj Al Arab
However, it was a great day overall.  We only spent a few hours in the waterpark before we headed to the beach.  On top of that, Wild Wadi is located right next to the Burj Al Arab so it provided tremendous views of the seven star hotel all day long.  My recommendation would be to skip Wild Wadi when coming to Dubai, unless of course you are traveling with toddlers. 

After a few hours, we were on our way to the beach. 


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