Dubai Post 58: Holidays in the UAE

National/Government holidays are done a little different here in the UAE compared to the U.S.  For instance, each year Americans know they will have the last Thursday of November off from work for Thanksgiving.  However, in the UAE, certain holidays depend on factors out of their control.

For example, Ramadan begins in a month but no one knows which day it will start. It could be July 19th, July 20th or July 21st. Everyone has to wait to wait to see the moon cycle the week before.  This is very critical because the start of Ramadan coincides with the start of Eid.  If EId falls during the work week, everyone will have off, if it falls on a weekend, you are out of luck.  I imagine everyone is hoping Ramadan starts on the 20th. 

This would be painful for me because I like to plan my vacations way ahead of time.  I typically know every vacation day I am taking at the beginning of the year.  Hopefully this trip will add a bit more spontaneity into my life though. 


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