Dubai Post 38: What to Do What to Do

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be heading to Nepal this month.  I am actually leaving on Thursday with a few co-workers.  We are going to spend a night and a day touring around the historic cities of Kathmandu Valley but we are also going to get in touch with our wild side.

A truly picturesque leap of faith. 
On Friday we plan on heading to The Last Resort.  It is an adventurous adult playground tucked away in the mountains on the boarder of Tibet and Nepal.  We have decided that we are going to go canyoning yet there is still one thing on our mind, bungy jumping.

Some of you may know that I have a terrible fear of heights and would most likely never consider doing it.  Yet, I consider this to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and my chances have bumped up from 0% to...I do not really know.  I have reached out to a few people who have gone before to ask for their advice.  Probably not the best people as they all did it and had a great time.

Either way, let me know whether you would do it or not (poll to the right).  Obviously it will be my decision in the end and who knows what I will be feeling when I am standing on a bridge 160 meters over a gorge...Mom and Granddad, please try to not look at the picture. 


  1. DO IT. Remember that story about that time you ALMOST did something awesome? Yeah, me neither.


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