Dubai Post 10: Need to beat the heat, head to the mall

One of the main atrium's inside
 the Mall of Emirates

Come July and August, most Dubians try to avoid the outdoors as much as possible. That being said, there is only so much one can do indoors until you become bored and antsy.  That is until you go to a Dubai mall where they have everything and anything to keep you occupied. 

I had to pick up a concert ticket at the Mall of Emirates yet took a few detours to check out some of the sites within the mall.  For starters, this is not the only mall that lines Sheik Zayed road (the main road) within Dubai.  Supposedly, Dubai mall is even bigger than the Mall of Emirates.   One thing is for sure, no matter which mall you go to, you do not want to get loss.

I stayed within the Mall of Emirates for an hour and as I guided my way around with the map, it was clear they had every store or type of food one would desire.  However the highlight of the Mall of Emirates is the indoor ski mountain.  They use real snow, have penguins and you can even rent a ski chalet overlooking the mountain that will cost you as much as one in Vail.   Regardless of what you decide to do, a mall is a great way to beat the heat for a few hours.  

Who would have thought you could ski in the desert?

A view of ski school and the chalets in the background. 


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