Dubai Post 24: The local dining spots

Bu Qtair is literally a trailer where diners sit outside. 
Although the high end ritzy restaurants in Dubai can be quite enjoyable, I wanted to get my hands a little dirty and try out some of the local spots around Dubai.  Bu Qtair and Ravi’s are so local, that many of my co-workers had never heard of them before.  I stumbled across these two eateries as I was doing my research of must see/must do places in Dubai.

On Thursday night, Ozair, Youseff and I traveled to Bu Qtair.  We had trouble finding the place as it was not known by our cabbie.  However on arrival, we noticed it was only a stone’s throw away from the Burj Al Arab and Jumeriah public beach.  What looked more like a trailer then a restaurant, Bu Qtair is only open at night and serves only the freshest fish they caught earlier that day.  
The kitchen where all the magic happens. 

Pick the fish and they give you a price. 
The spicy prawns, our eyes were bigger than out stomachs. 
Patrons walk in and literally pick the fish they want to devour after it is fried with curry.  As a side, you get spicy shrimp that you pay for by the kilo.  To complete the meal is a spicy curry sauce and some nan to create the perfect fish sandwich.  Be wary, this might not be the best place to take a hot date as you literally rip the fish off the bones with your hands.  It might be a bit messy and unpretentious but it will leave you with one feeling, satisfaction.

Ozair and I with our selected fish. 
The carnage after we devoured our meal. 

Ravi's is a little bit more main stream
compared to Bu Qtair. 
On Saturday, Ozair and I shopped around in the gold souks for a bit (more to come on that later).  Afterwards we stopped at a local Pakistani restaurant known for its chicken curry.   Unlike Bu Qtair, Ravis is set up like a traditional fast food restaurant.   On top of that, they have more than 2 items on the menu.  In fact, if you do not bring someone who knows what to order, you might find yourself getting something rather unpleasant such as brain or kidneys.

Once again, my second experience of local food did not disappoint.  Ravi’s was just as messy and just as delectable as Bu Qtair.  Ozair, my friend from Pakistan, said it was the best Pakistani food he has had outside of his native country. 
Our waiter at Ravis. 

If you want to try one of these places when you come to Dubai, make sure you get concrete directions and a cab number to call. If not, you might find yourself wandering aimlessly at night (it is safe if it happens). We experienced this on the way back from Bu Qtair as we had to walk 20 minutes to find a cab…yet it was entirely worth it.  
Just like Bu Qtair, Ozair and I ordered too much food. 
A Pakistani dessert which tasted like a donut hole soaked in a sugar glaze . 


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