Dubai Post 18: Watching the Sunset over the World

The Atmosphere Lounge: the highest bar in a free standing structure. 
Visitors at the Burj are greeted with a
red carpet entrance. 

Very few people can say they have seen the sunset over planet earth but the Burj Khalifa gives its visitors just that.  Built a few miles from the beach, the Burj is directly parallel with the “World Islands”.  The World Islands is a chain of man-made islands that I have described in an earlier post.  Therefore, depending on where you are seated in the restaurant or lounge, you might have a perfect view looking down on the “World”. 

My Dad and I were lucky enough to obtain a window seat at The Burj’s Atmosphere lounge, 122 floors up.  At the lounge, one can enjoy a few pre-dinner drinks or decide to enjoy an entire night staring down on Dubai while sipping on champagne.  My Dad and I arrived around 6PM, just in time to watch the sun set over the Arabian Sea.  From our table, we had a clear view of the islands providing picturesque views of the sun sinking into the horizon.

The view looking down on Dubai Mall from the entrance. 

Looking out into the desert. 

The view of the world islands from our seat. 

The view of the city from our seat.
Far into the distance you can see
buildings: Dubai Marina
and top right is Burj Al Arab.
The Atmosphere Lounge is an experience in itself that you will never forget. You arrive at a private entrance greeted by The Atmosphere’s friendly staff.  You are then escorted to an elevator which elegantly shoots you up 123 floors in less than a minute.  Upon arrival on floor 123, you are led down a red carpeted stairwell as if you were to enter the Queen of England’s ball.  Here is the first glimpse visitors have of the breath taking views the Burj has to offer.
Sun starting to set.

When you are finally seated (hopefully by the window), you can enjoy a few hours of spectacular views as you sip on your choice of beverage.  There is serene ambiance within the lounge.  There is a piano player  softly playing his keys in the background and the lights have a perfect dimness to them.  There is of course a price to pay, which turned out to not be so bad.  Men must spend at least 200AED ($70) whereas women have no minimum spend.  It is a small price to pay for a truly unforgettable experience that will take you on top of the world.  

My Dad and I with the city below us. 

Sipping a glass of bubbly a half mile up. 

The Atmosphere Lounge. 

The Sunset. 

Dubai at night. 


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