Dubai Post 8: First night out…and who said they don't know how to have a good time

The view from Adam, Mario, Lexy and Michelle's apartment
 overlooking Dubai Marina. 
Wow, do they know how to have a good time in Dubai.  Any concerns of not being able to go out over here were alleviated last night.  Yes they pregame, yes they know how to have a good time, yes they dance to the wee hours of the morning, and yes, they even drink Jameson.

To start the night out, I headed to a co-workers apartment for a pregame before we went to the bar.  It was a great apartment with a stunning view of Dubai Marina. (So far this was my favorite area of Dubai).  I was very timid to drink as I was unaware of the drinking culture and did not want to overstep any boundaries.  But then their British roommate came home, shirt unbuttoned blaring “Call Me Maybe” at the top of his lungs and my concerns went by the wayside.
The cover band playing at Rock Bottom. 

Yet that lead to one problem, leaving for the bar and hardly having anything to drink.  This meant I had to play a little catch up at Rock Bottom which is not what you want to do.  Rule #1: you do not want to play catch up at a bar in Dubai.  Although the drinks are not outrageously expensive, I still spent $12 - $13 for a weak Jack and Coke.  (Doubles are the way to go but that is more towards $16).

 I also ended up taking a shot of Jack Daniels which amazed an Australian I was standing next to.  He was astonished that I would do a shot of whiskey and claimed that they never take straight shots of whiskey in Australia. My advice to him was never go to Madison, WI.  The bar was a great time though, there was a cover band playing American music all night long and I got to interact with young people from all over the world.  I would say my first night out was a major success. 

What I see every night before I go out; the fleet of cars outside my hotel. 


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