Dubai Post 15: Some Random Tidbits about Dubai

Now that I have been in Dubai for two weeks, I have noticed a few things your casual tourist might not pick up on.  It did not make sense to put these notes in any other of my posts, so I decided to put them all in one.
I am sure many have seen rooms in buildings that spin,
but what about a whole building
 that spins (unfinished one on the left)?

  • There is a low crime rate: Crime is extremely low in Dubai.  I hear hundreds of stories where someone loses their wallet or phone and it randomly appears at their office two days later.  As for my own experience, I was lying in bed the other night and realized something unfamiliar:  complete silence.  Unlike Chicago or New York City, sirens do not pierce the air in Dubai.
  •  People move slow: Unlike the hustle and bustle of New York, people in Dubai walk slow.  Very slow.  No one is ever in a rush to get anywhere and people even sit and ride the escalator!  Just as I would do in Chicago, I went sprinting up the stairs to try and catch a departing metro.  People stared at me like my head was cut off.
  • There are no addresses in Dubai: As odd as this sounds, it is entirely true and makes getting to places very difficult.  You need to become very familiar with landmarks and areas of the city if you hope to arrive at your location on time.
  • Cab drivers do not know the city: This point is a continuation on my last point; it can be tough to get around if you do not know the area.  Specifically because a lot of cab drivers do not know where they are going, and at times they might not know how to drive.  I found this out last night as I took a hotel cab and realized he did not know what he was doing behind the wheel.

Cab line outside my office building. 
  • Soccer is the game of choice in Dubai: After all, soccer is the world’s sport and Dubai is the world’s melting pot.  I should actually be calling it football since I got yelled at for saying "soccer".  I even got to participate on FactSet’s intramural football team.  We first lost to a group of Brits and then got slightly embarrassed by an Egyptian team. 

The British vs. the Egyptians at soccer intramural.  

  •  There are no taxes: Whether you are buying a coffee or a tailored suit, the price you see on the tag is the price you will pay.  There are no taxes in Dubai which is extremely nice if the price is not marked up.  It is also nice for my co-workers who have contracts locally in Dubai.
  •  Engineering creativity: As I mentioned before, everywhere you look in Dubai there is another building being built.  Yet some of the already completed skyscrapers are rather incredible both in size but more so in design.  Never have I seen such creative structures that paint a skyline.
An odd shaped building across from the marina. 

Two buildings across from my apartment.  Look
familiar for those who have been to NYC?


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