Dubai Post 5: Inside the Apartment

Kitchen table in the living room. 

Without further ado, I have some pictures from the inside of my apartment.  So far it has been nothing but fantastic.  I have someone to make my bed in the morning, someone to clean my dishes, someone to take my dry cleaning…feels like I am back home living with my Mom.   The hotel is very clean and also has a Middle Eastern feel which is evident by looking at the bedroom.  Within the hotel is a restaurant, fitness center on the top floor with great views and of course, my roof top pool. There is also a fleet of cars, including a Bentley, Rolls Royce and a Ferrari to take you to the airport. (Pictures of these will come later)

View of the living room.  
View of the Middle Eastern themed bedroom. 

Within the apartment I have a full kitchen and a washer with dryer.  Although it sounds great so far, there are a few negatives.  For one, the bowls are really small.  They are about the size of coffee cups so when I eat my cereal in the morning, I fill up about three bowls at a time. 

View of the kitchen. 
The bathroom. 
The second is the television, there are no American channels, therefore I am stuck streaming CNBC from my computer all day.  On top of that, HBO GO does not work so I cannot watch Game of Thrones which is a major disappointment.  I am also waking up at obscure hours to watch (by watch, I mean stare at an ESPN game cast) the New York Rangers run to the Stanley Cup.  At least it is not football season and I do not have to miss any games of my beloved Badgers.  
View from the living room. 

View from my Bedroom window. 


  1. is that a washing machine in your kitchen? and also I noticed you didn't write about how disappointed you are that you will be unable to watch the Red Sox. whats with that?

    1. Yes, it is a washing/dryer machine in my kitchen. I also have stove; just no oven. There is a pizza place next to my place so I will try it out soon...probably no PDR

    2. And I am focused on the Rangers right now

  2. Game of Thrones withdrawl, sorry to hear it brosef.


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