Dubai Post 16: Hitting the beaches in Dubai

The coastline view from the Sheraton Beach Club.
As many of you know, Dubai is situated on miles and miles of coastline with beautiful white sandy beaches.  This provides tourists and locals many options when desiring to spend a day under the sun.  I was lucky enough to have my Dad visit for a weekend (he was here on business), so as major beach bums, the first place we checked out was the shoreline.

It seems that the most popular way to spend a day at the beach is at one of the many beach resorts that plot alongside the coastline.  You can either pay a daily fee or buy an annual membership rather than heading to one of the few public areas.  Since I was with my Dad, I thought it would be best to avoid crowds and have access to lounge chairs. 
Palm trees line the lawn in between the hotel and the pool. 

The benefit of going to a beach club is you have access to
many other services and facilities such as the pool.

My Dad and I enjoying the 105 degree weather. 
After a relaxing day lounging at the Sheraton Beach Club, I would safely say it is highly recommended to take the trip here if your hotel does not have a beach front and you're only here for a day or two.  If you are spending a longer time in Dubai, you might want to make sure your hotel is on the beach or plan on bringing beach chairs to the public area.  For my father and I to spend a day at the beach club, it cost about $90 total, and this is on the cheap side.  The Jumeriah beach club can run you almost $180 a day per person.

All in all it was worth it because my father and I were able to do what we do best: sit back on a lounge chair and read.  Unfortunately, you can only bask in the sun for 20 – 30 minutes before start sweat.  To cool off, you can take a dip in the heavenly Arabian Sea, which feels like a bath.  It is so refreshing you might find yourself in there for hours. 

A view of the Arabian Sea from my lounge chair.  Another sight
you can enjoy is all of skydivers plummeting from above as
the landing zone was a few hundred yards from our beach chairs. 

Two of the whitest people on the beach. 


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