Dubai Post 13: Yachts and Ferraris

A look at the marina as I cross the bridge to the beach.  

Right down the road from my apartment is one of the most bustling areas of Dubai, Dubai Marina.  In addition to all the yachts and Ferraris, bars and restaurants line the marina and many consultants at FactSet live in the area as well.  It reminds me of the canal in Florida that runs through Fort Lauderdale to Miami.   So far, it is my favorite area of Dubai.

Just seconds from the beach, the marina is surrounded by high rises.  However, it is the Yacht Club that is the hub of the harbor.  There are multi-million dollar yachts anchored for everyone to see as they glisten in the sun.  However, unlike some boat clubs in the U.S. (Will Hart’s in Norwalk), anyone is allowed to go into the Yacht Club.  The other night, a group of us watched the FA cup (England Cup) between Chelsea and Liverpool at the bar in the Yacht Club. 

They were kind enough to let me park my car in front of the club. 

As you cross the bridge over the marina, you will head onto Jumeriah Beach Road (JBR) which is Dubai’s “boardwalk” that runs along the beach.  I did not spend much time on JBR but it seems like a great place to go for a run or find an outdoor café to enjoy the views of the beach.  I am sure I will find myself in this area a lot as I plan to head to the beach this weekend.  And who knows, I might even find myself on one of those yachts.  

A view of the yachts from above. 


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