Dubai Post 30: A Brief History Lesson on Istanbul

I do not want to bore anyone with the history of the Istanbul but it is important to have a small understanding of why there is so much to see in the city. Istanbul has roots dating back to 600BC when the Dorians ruled the Bronze Age. 

The Bosphorus Strait is a key reason into why Istanbul was desired by many civilizations. 
The location of the city became desired by many civilizations throughout time.  It was first ruled by the Persians in 500BC until the Greeks commanded the city in 400BC.  However, it wasn't until the conquest of the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, that the city really grew.  He dubbed the area Constantinople and made it a capital of the Roman Empire.  During the Roman era, there was a heavy influence of Christianity which is seen in many of the historical artifacts.

Christian art is found in historical sights as the Byzantine Empire
heavily influence the city with its religion. 
When the Roman Empire was separated in 400, Constantinople became the capital of the East Roman empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire.   The city flourished during this time period and buildings such as the Hagia Sophia were constructed. 
The Hagia Sophia is the crown jewel
from the Byzantine era. 
As the first millennium came to an end, there were many disagreements between Christianity and the Orthodox Church.  For a few hundred years, different rulers and dynasties controlled Constantinople, influencing their religious beliefs on the city.

The Dolmabache was a magnificent
palace built during Ottoman rule.

Istanbul is lined with castles built throughout the ages.

That was of course until the Ottoman siege around 1400 when the city’s name was changed to Istanbul.  It was only 100 years later that Istanbul became the center for the Islamic world.  During Ottoman rule, beautiful mosques and palaces were built all over the city.  The Ottoman rule lasted until the city was taken by Ally Armies in World War I.  After the Independence War in 1923, the republic of Turkey was created and Istanbul started to develop into the city it is known as today.   

The Tokapi Palace was the center of the Ottoman empire
and the most historical site in Istanbul. 


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