Dubai Post 25: The Art of Brunch

Walking into brunch can be eye opening. 

Every major city has its form of the day party.  Chicago has Wrigleyville during Cubs season, Madison had 525 W. Mifflin and Badger game days/Mifflin Block Party and the Hampton’s have boardybarn.  Dubai's unique ritual is brunch and as uneventful as it may sound, you really have no idea until you spend four hours indulging every culinary delight and liquid concoction possible.

One side of the sushi and seafood raw bar.
Someone who was excited when he realized he can take
a watermelon full of alcohol back to his table. 
One section of all the different meats they had to offer. 
Some comfort food. 
 With hundreds of all-you-can-eat brunch venues scattered around Dubai, all share the same concept: stuff your face with delicious food and try every drink that is offered.  My friends and I decided to attend Saffron brunch which is located in the Atlantis Hotel at the tip of the palm.  Since it is in the Atlantis, Saffron is a little bit on the pricier side and more lavish than your casual brunch but you will get the idea.

Plate number one, seafood. 
Plate number two, a little bit of everything. 

You are greeted at the door with a glass of champagne as you can hear the music blaring through the doors.  You then step inside and your mouth instantly salivates with the sights and the smells. If you do not go with a pro-bruncher, you could be overwhelmed at all the options and end up spending your time foolishly.

The tequila and saki bomb station. 
Vodka infused pineapples: pineapple vodka in a pineapple.  Pina Colada's fill the coconuts. 
The strawberry daiquri and margarita station.
As I was told by multiple people, there is an art to brunch.  You must first do a lap to look at the surroundings and figure out what culinary selection you want to tackle first.  You must also do your best to stay away from carbs (such as bread) that will just fill you up.  Then, after you get each plate of food, you grab a few drinks on your way back to the table.

The Chinese food station. 

Plate number three, dumplings. 

Saffron's version of the fishbowl, Wando's you won this one. 

Deciding what to eat first was very difficult.  Saffron had a just about every cuisine possible but I went for the seafood bar first.  At the end of it all, I had four different plates including American, Chinese and Indian.  Then of course was dessert consisting of every tart, cookie, and cake possible along with an ice cream bar, candy apple tree and chocolate fountain. 

The ice cream bar is only the start of the many options of desserts. 
All different flavors of candy apples. 

Just one side of all the different cakes and tarts to try. 

The chocolate fountain with all of the dipping
My first of a few desserts. 

Then there were the drinks…once again where do you begin?  Vodka infused pineapple, pina coladas in coconuts, jello shots, orange mojitos and the list goes on and on.  Let’s just say if you do not fill up on food first, your day might be cut short.  Afterwards, all of the brunchers head to one of the local beach bars to enjoy some sun and more drinks.  My group spent the last few hours of the day watching the sunset at Barasti.  It capped off a memorable day that everyone should enjoy when coming to Dubai.  

One of the tropical drink stands of fresh coconuts with rum
 and fresh pineapple with vodka. 

A view of the sun setting at the beach bar after brunch. 
In the last twenty minutes of brunch, shot
stations become very busy.  The jello shot
with vodka cream station was in between
the Jager station and Bailey's and whiskey station. 


  1. This is definitely killing any brunch spot in Chi...we've got to step up and have more beyond a bloody mary or a mimosa on a sunday funday


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