Dubai Post 9: A Few Things About Dubai Nightlife

1) The one thing that will stand out to any American is smoking cigarettes is allowed in bars in Dubai.   In my opinion, it a major flaw as you feel and smell gross the next morning. To any of my friends from home, just remember the mornings after an Alex Daniels party.
Smoke fills the air at the bars in Dubai. 
2) All bars in Dubai are in hotels.  A bar cannot serve alcohol in Dubai unless it is part of a hotel.  Therefore last night our taxi driver dropped us off in front of a nice hotel, we proceeded to go through the lobby, up the elevator and into a raging bar.

The Crown and Lion is a British Pub in a the hotel across
the street from my apartment.  

3) You cannot buy alcohol in Dubai unless you have a special license that you must apply for.   Therefore, unless you know someone that has a license, your only chance of buying alcohol is at the duty free store in airport.

4) British people drink a lot. It was clear last night that the most inebriated people at the bar were Brits.  They are a great time but it is tough to hang with one, that is of course unless you were trained in Wisconsin.

5) Do not worry about a lack of nightlife in Dubai.  Someone told me yesterday going to bars is the only thing to do at night.  Although that is entirely not true, there are certainly not a shortage on bars.

A chilled pool can be a perfect hangover remedy.

6) You have to drink water, and lots of it.  Due to the excessive heat, dehydration is common in Dubai. Therefore, you do not just have a hangover, but rather it feels like you’re stuck in the desert miles from an oasis.  
The view from my pool.  As I mentioned in a previous post, everything
is on the strip in Dubai.  My building is set back off the strip
so there are not many buildings behind mine.

Another picture to get the full effect that there is not much off the strip. 


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