Dubai Post 3: The First Grocery Shopping Experience

The view of my apartment building from the outside. 
Since my girlfriend, Samantha, is thousands of miles away, I no longer have anyone to prepare my meals.  That means I am back to cooking on my own.  I found out that I am lucky enough to have a shopping complex right across the street from my building so I decided to venture over there last night after the gym.  While on the subject of the gym, I just want to point out it was here where I had my first lesson in weight conversions: 20 Kilograms looks like 25 pounds, reads as 20 pounds, but actually feels like 45 pounds.

Carrefour is the local grocery store across the street from my building. 
Walking into the supermarket felt like I was back at Treasure Island (though I wish I could say Whole Foods).  They had many American brands including Rice Krispies, Coke, Ritz Crackers etc.   The fruit was also fresh and cheap.  I ended up getting out of there having spent 100AED which amounts to $27.  The cost of my groceries is what I would expect to pay in America so it is nice to know that food is not too pricey here. 

All of this food for a mere 100AED ($27).
Walking back to the hotel is when you can really see all the buildings glowing with light- it really is amazing.  On another interesting culture note, I've noticed the Dubai cab drivers love to play American music.  This was evident as I got into a car with the cab driver blaring America's top pop song, “Call Me Maybe”.  


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