Dubai Post 20: Dining under the Sea at Al Mahara

A view of the aquarium and the entrance to Al Mahara.
After you make your way through the grand lobby at the Burj Al Arab, you are then escorted to your respective elevator, depending on what dining experience you have chosen.  Al Mahra (Arabic for "oyster shell") represents an underwater themed dining experience literally giving diners the feeling they are under the sea and quite possibly gazing at something they could be munching on.

To start off your aqua excursion, you are brought to an elevator which sends you down a few floors and represents the effect of being submerged in a submarine. Upon arrival, you are greeted at the doorway to an elegant waiting room and then head through the main entrance where your eyes meet the 262,000 gallon aquarium.  There are hundreds of fish and thousands of gallons of water that are native to the Gulf region.

The very end of the 260,000 gallon tank complete with reef sharks.
Oysters so fresh, they could have been plucked from the sea only hours earlier. 
George is the only fish named by the staff. 

The atmosphere of Al Mahara gives patrons the impression they are under the sea.  Yet it is the seafood that makes guests want to return for more and more.  To start off, my Dad and I shared a dozen oysters as well as a shrimp tartar.  The oysters tasted as if they had been hand picked earlier that morning, however, it was my seafood platter entree that really won me over.   Lobster tail, lobster claw, fried calamari, scallops, grilled sea bass, and a few other seafood delights completed the most magnificent seafood dish I have ever tasted.

My Dad and I at our table. 

Al Mahara is a great way to end a day in Dubai.  You can relax in a perfect setting and treat yourself to world class seafood and service.  Just be sure to bring a fat wallet (or visiting parent) as you will have an eye popping bill.  

My Dad's meal.
My Seafood platter. 


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