Dubai Post 7: Thursday afternoon means only one thing, the weekend!

It's the Weekend!  That is right, for all of you who did not know, the weekend in the UAE falls on a Friday and Saturday.  What is even stranger is that the weekend in Saudi Arabia falls on a Thursday and Friday.  Although today is Thursday, sitting at work felt like a Friday.  In my eyes, now the words "Saturday & Sunday" are simply regarded as an American weekend and mean very little to me.  Of course, this is also possible because Football Sundays are not currently in season. 

As promised, I have added a few pictures of the gym.

No gym is complete without a bench. 
One more so you really get the picture. 

I am excited to see Dubai this weekend as I will be experiencing a lot.  I am particularly curious to see what the drinking culture is like in this city.  I heard and read so many different stories about the alcohol and nightlife in Dubai but I will be going out with locals and experiencing it firsthand so check in for reports. 

I will most certainly be going to the pool this weekend. 

Also on tap for this weekend is checking out the rooftop pool. I plan to be out there in the morning before the sun gets too strong, however, I'll still feel the powerful afternoon heat when I attend a beach concert with some friends.  Saturday I will be in the desert for a safari so stay tuned for stories from the weekend and have a good one as well!


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