Dubai Post 26: The Old City of Dubai

The streets in the older area of
Dubai have a little different feel compared
to what I am used to. 

If you talk to people who grew up in Dubai, they will tell you how their city has evolved in front of their eyes. 20 years ago there were not many paved roads, no seven-star hotels and no influx of abandoned construction.  Dubai was a simple city, a fishing town surrounding a bustling port of dhow’s and cargo vessels.

Today, Dubai is a lively mecca filled with innovative sky scrapers, savvy businessmen and jammed highways. Yet those who still want to get the old Dubai feel have the ability to do so. Just across the creek that runs through the downtown is a location called Deira.  This area used to be the happening place before Dubai got its big city feel. 

Depending on the time of day, you will hear prayers at Mosque's as you walk the streets. 
Ozair and I ventured to Deira on Saturday and I finally felt like I was in the Middle East of in Dubai.  Streets become a little narrower and are flooded with vendors.  I finally could hear the Mosques at prayer time.  This is also the location of the old gold souks which I will explain in another post.
Vendors and tourist shops flood the
streets in this area. 

Dubai has not lost its roots entirely
as fishing and merchant boats still line the port. 

Al Fahidi Fort is located in the center of Deira. It has
been around since 1781 but was converted to Dubai's
museum in 1971. 
People will tell you that the Old Gold Souk is a must do in Dubai.  I would consider walking the streets surrounding the souks as a must do as well.  Here is where you see the real people of Dubai.  The people that were here before the oil money and the people that will be here long after it is gone (whenever that happens). 

Ozair and I in front of the the courtyard of the museum
which contains a dhow cruiser. 

There are no financers riding around in their Benzs’, just the common worker, hanging laundry on the clothes line out of their window.  It is easy to get caught up in the 'la la land' (as expats like to call it) of Dubai, but not in the old part of town. Soak in the real Middle Eastern culture and stop for a shawarma or maybe even a camel burger if your daring.  


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