Dubai Post 29: A Weekend in Istanbul

Istanbul was filled view beautiful sights and views at every corner. 
Pulling away from the Old City as the Turkish flag waves in the wind. 
This past weekend, I had the pleasure to spend time in one of the greatest cities I have ever been to: Istanbul, Turkey.  A thriving metropolitan with upwards of 14 million people, Istanbul is one of the largest cities on the planet.  It is also the only city to be situated on the two continents of Asia and Europe.  It is home to historical sights, diverse culture and a delectable cuisine that have tourists wanting more and more.

The city is home to some of the most historical sights such as the Blue Mosque. 

Attention to detail was a common theme throughout art in Istanbul. 
I had the privilege to stay with an old college friend, Sedef, and her parents for the weekend.  I was submerged in the Turkish culture and got to enjoy local sites and customs that the typical tourist might not experience.  Not to mention, Sedef was my personal translator, bargainer, tour guide and photographer for the weekend. 

The Gunisray's garden where they grow fresh roses
that they turn into amazing jam. 

My visit was a traditional abroad home-stay.  I learned about their
family business and had a home cooked Turkish breakfast. 
The translator aspect was one of the best benefits to having Sedef around.  Istanbul is not an easy city to navigate if you do not know the native language.  A significant amount of Turks that I encountered did not speak any English.  Fortunately, the only time I was on my own was in the cab ride to Sedef’s house, which resulted in quite an adventure.

To my surprise, Istanbul is home to an amazing cuisine including
some of the freshest seafood you can find. 
I was only able to spend 48 hours in Istanbul which is far too short of the amount of time that one should spend there.  Yet, I used every hour possible and will post about these experiences over the next week.  Keep in mind that no picture or passage can do justice to Istanbul’s beauty.  It was truly a remarkable city and is a must see for any world traveler.  

Istanbul is any shoppers dream due to the amount
of bazaars they have. 


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